How much, and when do I get paid?
You will receive weekly paychecks. 50/50 Partnership. We currently are retaining over 50% rebills for every month, so bust you ass and keep getting checks 6 months down the road.

Can I use any method to get traffic to your sites?
Tgps, picposts, search engine listings, free sites, avs sites, link lists, and text/banner ads on other paysites are all acceptable ways to generate traffic to our sites. Spamming (email or newsgroups) is not allowed in any form. If you are caught using these techniques to promote our site, you will be dropped from our partner program without warning, and any monies earned will be forfeited.
How do i promote your site? Content, Banners?
There is a variety of ways that you can promote us. You can login and get some banners and place those on your sites. You can link straight to us with a descriptive text link that you have made up. Hosted galleries are on hand for you to just link to and watch the money roll in. Link them and forget about them, Its on our bandwidth so take advantage of this money maker. We will have a password protected content area so you will have to get a username and password then you will be allowed to download pics and some movies to make galleries if you choose to promote us this way.

Termination of competing search terms
You are not allowed to compete on terms that we already rank #1 for or terms we have trademarked.
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